Facade and interior decking

Guide rail of folding doors and LUCIANA ELVIRA

Guide rail of folding doors and LUCIANA ELVIRA

Product codeC01M

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type of doors Luciana

paint work Bílá Bříza Krémová Bílý dub Jasan Dub Buk Třešeň Světlý mahagon Ořech Mogano Hnědá Cedr Wenge Moka


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The plastic decking is maintenance-free. Any dirt can be removed with a damp cloth.


High strength

The unique ribbing system ensures high strength of the new HOPA plastic decking. The warranty is 10 years.


Water and mould resistant

It can be used anywhere, i.e. even in dusty and damp areas.


Jednoduchá, rychlá a suchá montáž

The weight of one board is about 185g. The deck has a tongue-and-groove system = easy and quick installation