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Folding doors LUCIE 73x200 cm glass - Birch

Folding doors LUCIE 73x200 cm glass - Birch

Product codeDVERLUC01S

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material door plastic

type of doors Lucie

door color Bříza

Bookable bottom lines no

Glass door yes

Maximum height of the door do 200

Maximum width of the door do 197

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Size variants glass door 73 - 88cm: + 1 lamela 88 - 103cm: + 2 lamely 103 - 118cm: + 3 lamely 118 - 133cm: + 4 lamely + 1 vodící lišta 133 - 148cm: + 5 lamel + 1 vodící lišta 148 - 163cm: + 6 lamel + 1 vodící lišta 163 - 188cm: + 7 lamel + 1 vodící lišta 188 - 200cm: + 8 lamel + 1 vodící lišta do 73cm: bez dodatečné lamely


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Dimension slats 15 x 200 cm (width x height), the lamella thickness of 10 mm. The possibility of extending or shortening the door. The maximum door height is 200 cm. Construction system 120 cm in the basic package. The maximum width of the door is 200 cm 1 x door (basis pack) + 8 + př.lamel support profile 2m (additional strip and the support profile is necessary to buy). Doors open 73 cm images in the state. the opening of 15 cm. Closing handle, magnet. Model lenses without glazing. Imitation wood finish. Universal left and right versions. Simple height adjustment during installation.

  • The standard size doors 73 × 200 cm.



The plastic decking is maintenance-free. Any dirt can be removed with a damp cloth.


High strength

The unique ribbing system ensures high strength of the new HOPA plastic decking. The warranty is 10 years.


Water and mould resistant

It can be used anywhere, i.e. even in dusty and damp areas.


Jednoduchá, rychlá a suchá montáž

The weight of one board is about 185g. The deck has a tongue-and-groove system = easy and quick installation