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Polymer TEC7 - sealant and glue

Polymer TEC7 - sealant and glue

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TEC7 sealant is completely newly developed polymer that is of general application as an adhesive and as a sealant. Suitable for insulation around shower enclosures, shower trays and bathtubs. The bathroom sealant can be used for bonding, adhesive suitable for bathroom mirrors. The sealant is produced in several colors to make it suitable for use in every bathroom.

TEC sealant 7 is widely used, it can be used as an adhesive or for siliconing and waterproofing: very hard remains flexible excellent adhesion on almost all materials, even on wet surfaces any splashes can be removed quickly can be immediately applied coating odorless, non-toxic, solvent-free hybrid polymer for flexible connection and bonding and pair bonding with one product unique bonding ability can be used on both wet and dry, stuck under water coat can be applied after only 15 minutes, without using accelerator unique ability to connect most materials without surface treatment does not contain solvents or plasticisers, odorless after the application is shrinking, it remains permanently elastic chemical resistant high bond strength - 265N / cm2 UV resistant, water, microorganisms Easy application and shaping colors: white, black (black), brown (brown), black (black), white (beige) 310ml 2 years warranty TEC sealant 7 as an adhesive: - Quickly glue different materials can be used in indoor and outdoor environments, gluing skirting, strips, slats, bars, window sills, gutters etc. - Bonds wood, concrete, drywall, metals, formica, synthetic materials. - Well can be used as an adhesive to attach boards Styrofoam, fiberglass, polyurethane, and to hold some roofing materials. - Securely glue the mirror (not infringe silver layer) and all kinds of natural stone without compromising its structure. - For bonding materials such as fiberboard, particleboard, veneer facades, ceiling tiles, decorative and acoustic tiles on smooth and porous surfaces. - Universal glue that sticks most materials, solvent-free and do not cause much corrosion synthetic materials. TEC sealant 7 as waterproofing: - may be used in the internal and external environment - concrete, natural stone, asbestos, wood, glazed surfaces, iron, zinc, aluminum, synthetic material etc. - Highly resistant, still flexible, durable insulation with a smooth surface. - Perhaps almost immediately applied paint (including water based) - To fix hems and joints on roofs, gutters, chimney, roof change planes etc.. - As a putty sealant in various industries such as packing containers, manufacture of car bodies, caravans, refrigerators and in the furniture industry. - As a silicon sealant to joints, flanges and cracks in kitchens, bathrooms, shower corners, toilets and washrooms. warranty 2 years Color white, gray, brown, black, beige volume 310 ml


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The plastic decking is maintenance-free. Any dirt can be removed with a damp cloth.


High strength

The unique ribbing system ensures high strength of the new HOPA plastic decking. The warranty is 10 years.


Water and mould resistant

It can be used anywhere, i.e. even in dusty and damp areas.


Jednoduchá, rychlá a suchá montáž

The weight of one board is about 185g. The deck has a tongue-and-groove system = easy and quick installation