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Casing frame module - Beech

Casing frame module - Beech

Product codeC2315220

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material door plastic

door color Buk

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The width of the wall 11 - 14 14 - 17 17 - 20 9 - 11 20- 23


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Perfect overlay existing frames. Easy installation. Unique look. In the colors of Design and Color. Designed for door Luciana and Elvira. Size: 110 x 220 cm
Casing frame module is used to perfect overlay existing frames and frames for reconstruction, but often is used in new buildings, which can be installed on bare and plastered walls. Due to the profile of PVC, which can be easily edited, can therefore with this variant cover all the frames in widths up to 110 cm and heights up to 220 cm. Installing oblozky module is simple and fast. Contents: - 2 units of the central profile "A" dimension of 1.4 x 9 cm in length of 220 cm-1 p of the central profile of the "A" dimension of about 1.4 x 9 cm in length 110 cm-five pieces of edge profile "B "of dimension 7 × 3 cm, length 220 cm-piece 11 of the set screw + plug + screw cap The standard size door frames is 110 × 220 cm, this size will cover a wide frame and wall 9-11 cm. Installing the width of the building opening is reduced by 1.4 cm on each side. If the wall thickness is greater than 11 cm, it can be used Expansion profiles and overlay as wall thickness up to 23 cm (see profile expansion C). Each expansion card C is added 3 cm. If you order door frames with a width of 110 cm, it is necessary to use a more complete overlay of charge.


The plastic decking is maintenance-free. Any dirt can be removed with a damp cloth.


High strength

The unique ribbing system ensures high strength of the new HOPA plastic decking. The warranty is 10 years.


Water and mould resistant

It can be used anywhere, i.e. even in dusty and damp areas.


Jednoduchá, rychlá a suchá montáž

The weight of one board is about 185g. The deck has a tongue-and-groove system = easy and quick installation