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Finishing flexible corner profile Lome

Finishing flexible corner profile Lome

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Floorboards with Renolite film - golden oak Decking with Renolite film. Floor boards coated with high quality window film. Suitable for mounting on surfaces exposed to sunlight. Floorboards dimensions: 300 x 10 x 0.9 cm (L x W x H). The pack of three square meters - 10 pieces in balení.Mnoho colors and a wide selection of finishing ch profiles for the perfect look trim .Minimální maintenance free surface úpravy.Jednoduchá, fast and dry montáž.Moderní design, light weight, convenient and easy to install cena.Rychlá .dobre vlastnosti.Dlouhá thermal durability and high resistance to frost and UV radiation. • Facing floorboards with a tongue and groove for easy and quick installation. • It is mainly used for lining ceilings, roof, gables and entire facades, but also in the interior. • The lining is also very suitable in dusty and humid areas. • The lining is easily combinable with insulation systems. • Thanks so. Chimney effect resolves problems with damp masonry Instructions for use of plastic laths: • installation of external cladding it in view of the fragility of the material is not recommended at temperatures of + 5 ° C or lower. There is a danger of damaging the material during assembly. • When installing the horizontal edge profiles on the bottom surfaces we recommend always be concealed in the bottom of the bottom of these profiles to drill drain holes so as to provide the best drainage of water through these profiles. • Dark tiles, for example. Dark wood is not suitable to use in places where they are exposed to direct sunlight, which due to the high emissivity heat deformation can be milked tk dark tiles. This damage can not be applied complaint. For other colors may be due to direct sunlight cause 15% discoloration tiles (this does not apply to the facing panels Renolite foil). • distortions tiles for reasons of high emissivity heat can be prevented by installing the mounting clips (free movement of blades) and ventilation profiles that should be used at the top and bottom for better ventilation of overheated air.

Floorboards with Renolite film - golden oak

HOPA stock

2 097 Kč/bal without DPH: 1 733 Kč/bal 699 Kč/m2




The plastic decking is maintenance-free. Any dirt can be removed with a damp cloth.


High strength

The unique ribbing system ensures high strength of the new HOPA plastic decking. The warranty is 10 years.


Water and mould resistant

It can be used anywhere, i.e. even in dusty and damp areas.


Jednoduchá, rychlá a suchá montáž

The weight of one board is about 185g. The deck has a tongue-and-groove system = easy and quick installation